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Rock Tumbler Kits

Find out more about our rock tumblers! These tumblers are quiet, reliable, and come with a 2 year warranty! Plus we support our rock tumblers with the best customer service in the field! 

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Hours & Location

Our showroom is located at:

1017 South Main Street 

Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Rockpick Legend Co. The Rock Shop on Main

Monday - Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm
Closed Sunday

About Us

We aren't just another business, we're rock enthusiasts! Rick got his start in rock and mineral collecting in the 6th grade when he was tasked with a science fair project that took him to a rock shop on Redwood Road in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The science fair project turned into a hobby, which turned into a passion--a lifetime of studying (including at the University of Utah and Montana School of Mines).  Rick came back to that same unique rock store to work and, eventually, to purchase.

Now Rick and his family run Rockpick Legend Co. Each person here has found their own specialty niche in the rock world, and we offer a complete rock experience! From our own love for rocks, minerals, and the world that has created them, to our passion for helping young and old rock hounds alike get their start into this exciting field, you can rest assured we'll be there to help you with all your rock related needs.

Geology, Mineralogy, and Children's Classes

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Rock Tumblers & Polishing Kits

Basic rock tumbling kits that are quite, easy to use and come with a complete 2 year exclusive warranty. These tumblers are designed to be family/child friendly, easy to use, and quiet enough to easily run on the kitchen counter! 

Over 60 Tons of Bulk Rock

Come check out the huge selection of bulk and rough rock sold by the pound online and in-store! From unique stones like Utah Varascite, and Dinosaur Bone, to more common materials like Obsidian and Rose Quartz. 

Fine Minerals & Fossils Online! 

With thousands of minerals and fossils in the store we have started uploading minerals and fossils onto our online store! Check out our selection of minerals and fossils online now, and come back regularly to see new minerals and fossils. 

Featured Products 

Educational Rock Samples

See our huge selection of rock, mineral, and fossil samples for schools, scouts, and educational collecting. These samples come in individual bags and each one is labled. Customize your collection today! Perfect for young collectors & classrooms. 

Pre-Launch Party Mar. 14th

Our 2014 rock hounding field trips and expeditions have come to and end with the beginning of the fall seasons. We are now looking forward to new trips and an exciting rock hounding year in 2015! Look for our kick-off party comin in March 14th 2015. 

Cabin Fever Party
Feb. 27th & 28th

A full day of classes to ease the winter cabin fever! Geology, mineralogy, gemology, lapidary, children's classes, jewelry classes and more! Be sure to join the event on Facebook to keep up on the inside information and get the latest news on classes & events.

Utah Mineral Museum is Back 

The mineral museum is back and bigger than ever! See rocks, minerals, fossils, agates, jaspers, and more from Utah! 

Rock Hounding Tools

Rock picks, geology picks, engineering hammers and more we have all the tools you'll need to enjoy a day, or a life time or rock collecting! Also see our gold pans, sifting screens, collecting bags and more now online, or call us at 888-762-5746. 

Rock Hound Gift Center Gifts for Rock Collectors of all Ages

Rockhound Gift Center Now Live!

Check out our  new gift center made especially for rock lovers everywhere! With categories such as Mineral Lovers, Fossil Lovers, Jr. Rock Hounds, and Jewelry Enthusiasts you're sure to find something for everyone! Plus browse by price. 

Rock Shop Services 

  • Rock Cutting 
  • Rock Polishing 
  • Aprasial Work 
  • Diamond Testing 
  • Rock & Mineral Identification 
  • Scout Presentations
  • Beaded Jewelry 
  • Jewelry Repair 
  • Pearl Knotting
  • School Presentations
  • Birthday Parties
  • Lapidary Services
  • Classes & Demonstrations
  • Guided Rockhounding Tours & Expeditions
  • Children's Classes & Workshops
  • Utah Museum Display
  • Local Shows for local Rockhounds: The Crystal Festival & Rock Shop Rock Show
  • Other Services

We offer a huge variety of rock related services through our store-front in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most services are offered during any regular business hours. 

Some services are only offered by appointment and services such as rock cutting and polishing will need to be dropped off and picked-up at a later time. These services vary in price depending on the project, and amount of time taken to complete. Please contact us or see our Services Page for more information and pricing.