How to use a pendulum for dowsing.

I wanted to share this from July's Crystal Healing Box of the Month. Check out this simple guid to using a pendulum for dowsing, and learn even more every month when you subscribe to my Crystal healing Box.

Try It!

We all have intuitive capabilities and dowsing is a simple way to connect and direct those abilities. Dowsing typically utilizes a dowsing tool, such as a pendulum, which is included in this box, and the knowledge of what the pendulum is illustrating to you. To make this easier I have included a board with the answers engraved on it, as a teaching tool for dowsing.

Learn to accomplish simple "Yes" or "No" answers to questions by following the few simple steps listed below. Once you are proficient with a pendulum you can use it at anytime and anywhere without the dowsing board.

Prepare for the Dowsing Process

1) Be well hydrated and well rested.

2) Minimize distractions and find a quiet environment.

3) Relax, calm your breathing.

4) Thing of “yes” or “no” questions that would be meaningful to you.

5) After you are prepared to dowse, take your pendulum and hold the cord or chain between your thumb and index so that it is comfortable and feels relaxed.

6) Force the pendulum into a forward swing, 45° to the right, and say out loud, "This is my 'Ready' position"-- meaning you are now ready to seek an answer to a question through the dowsing process.

7) Next, force the pendulum into a forward swing, straight away from your body as shown on the pendulum board included in this set and say "This is my ‘Yes’ response".

8) Finally force your pendulum to swing in a horizontal line in front of you and say “This is my ‘No’”

9) After showing yourself and your pendulum what each answer looks like you are ready to ask “yes” or “no” questions and allow your own intuition to help you manifest them in a physical capacity.

10) Consider recording in a journal after dowsing to reflect on the questions you asked, or ones you would like to ask in the future.

11) Be open to new possibilities and blessings and have fun!

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