$10 Blowout Specimens

Minerals, Fossils, Polished Ends and More Regularly Up To $200 Now Just $10 Each

Valid while supplies last. Minerals, Fossils, Polished Ends and other specimens rotate weekly. New specimens are added regularly to keep the tables stocked.

*We are not responsible for mis-placed specimens and specimens moved by others to these tables. Specimens not intended to be on the $10 table will be sold at regular price.

$1.00 Per Pound Bulk Rock 

Bulk Rock Outside 

Bulk rock is now $1.00 Per Pound! Save up to $99.00 per pound!! Bulk rock shipped is $35.00 for a flat rate box of up to 25lbs AND Priority Shipping. To order bulk rock by the box call us at 888-762-5746 (medium flat rate boxes only). 

*Weight will vary by the box, type of rock, and size of pieces. Price per Flat Rate Box is $35 including shipping. Tax is added for orders shipping to Utah. Materials vary depending on what we have in stock.